1930 Auburn 6-85

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

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The Story: 1930 was a difficult year for the Auburn Automobile Company, which suffered its first downturn since E. L. Cord's coming to Auburn in 1924. Sales were off 43 percent for the 1930 Auburn line compared to its 1929 sales. This Auburn 6-85 Cabriolet represents the last of the six-cylinder Auburns to be built until 1934 and was only offered in four body styles: Cabriolet, Sport Sedan, Sedan and, as a special order for the U.S., Touring.

The 1930 line was essentially a carry-over of the 1929 line with some refinements, including chromium plating and a vibration-reducing radiator mounting. September 15, 1930, marked the official opening of this building as the company headquarters.

Technical: The 1930 Auburn 6-85 is powered by an in-line six-cylinder engine that generates 70 horsepower. The wheelbase measures 120 inches. This model weighs 3,125 pounds and was the lightest of the company's offerings for the year.