1930 LaSalle Coupe

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

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The LaSalle began life as a lower-priced companion to the Cadillac. General Motors desired to have a car for every budget. The LaSalle was in the price range of $2,500, between Cadillac and the lower-priced Buick. With great hopes and expectations, the LaSalle was presented to the buying public in 1927. By 1930, the LaSalle, with a six-inch shorter wheelbase and an average lower price of $1,000, offered an alternative to the more exclusive Cadillac but shared its style and engineering. The LaSalle would benefit from Cadillac’s patronage, but it would never reach the sales and popularity which was expected. In 1940, LaSalle production silently came to an end, unlike the fanfare that accompanied its introduction.