1927 Auburn 6-66A

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

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The Auburn Automobile Company was not only innovative in its styling and technology, but also a pioneer in automotive utility. The company sales literature illustrated the amazing possibilities: "along some cool byway, by some lake or stream, to raise the catches, drop the front seat backward." It provides "Deluxe Sleeping Accommodations While Enroute on Tours, Hunting, or Camping Excursions." Introduced in 1925, the Wanderer was a $50.00 option on all sedan models. There was even one open touring car which received this exciting feature. With the small number of roadside motels and the increasing mobility of Americans, Auburn hoped this additional model would entice the buying public to choose "Auburn, America's Fastest Stock Car." Technical: This Auburn 6-66 is powered by the Lycoming 45 M six-cylinder engine. With a displacement of 223.9 cubic-inches, it produces 55 horsepower. It has a wheelbase of 120 inches and a weight of 3,070 pounds. Its list price when new was $1,345. This is the first series of the 1927 model year. Its scalloped and tightly-contoured front fenders harken back to the 1926 Auburn. 1927 would be the last year for the Wanderers with a total of 419 units built for the model year. It is believed that less than five Wanderers exist today.