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1930 Auburn 8-125

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

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The Sport Sedan was the base model for the 125 series, the highest-priced series of the Auburn vehicles. Featuring an adjustable steering wheel, the 125 was boastfully advertised as "UPHOLSTERY, APPOINTMENTS AND FITTINGS OF THE FINEST." Long after the Auburn Automobile Company disappeared, many still hailed its distinguished features. "The car is very comfortable for touring. I love the closed-coupled look of the Auburn, particularly in side profile with the Brewster windshield and trunk." James Cox, the donor of this car, continued to elaborate upon the 1930 Auburn's style as several features would disappear the next year, such as "the tubular Balcrank bumpers." This would also be the end of the famous large displacement 299 cubic-inch eight-cylinder engine, which had garnered such fame for the Auburn Automobile Company in motor sports. Technical: This Auburn 125 sports the famed 125 horsepower in-line eight engine. With a wheelbase of 130 inches and weighing in at 3,995 pounds, it was not a feather weight in spite of its name. This was also true of its asking price of $1,495, with prices dropping several hundred dollars by the year's end. This Auburn was donated by noted automotive historian Beverley Rae Kimes and her husband James Cox, who also restored automobiles.