1936 Chrysler Airflow Model 1:18

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The Chrysler Airflow was an automobile produced by the Chrysler Corporation from 1934 to 1937. The Airflow was one of the first full-size American production cars to use streamlining as a basis for building a sleeker automobile, one less susceptible to air resistance.

For 1936, the Airflow surrendered its smooth backside when a trunk was tacked onto the body of the car. The grille also became more pronounced. Only one Airflow body style, the four-door Imperial sedan (C-10) broke the 1,000 unit mark with 4,259 units built. Otherwise, total Airflow production sank to 6,275 units compared to the concurrent Airstream models that sold more than 52,000 units for 1936. 1936 would be the last year that Chrysler's premium Imperial model range would carry the Airflow. Lifeguard tires were introduced, which had two tubes inside the tire.

Own the classic 1936 Chrysler Airflow with this intricate diecast replica in a 1:18 scale by Signature Models. The model's features include metallic gray paint, doors open, hood opens, wheels steer and roll, and the interior has a great deal of detail. The model comes boxed.