1937 Lincoln Zephyr

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

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The Lincoln Zephyr was one of the most attractive vehicles built during the 1930s. Its tear-dropped streamlined shape embodied all that was good about the streamlining designs of the era. The vehicle is of the unit-body type of construction with Ford’s first all-steel roof and is powered by a twelve-cylinder engine. Designed by John Tjaarda and introduced in 1936, the Zephyr was a less expensive line of vehicles from the Ford Motor Company’s luxury range of vehicles. This very attractive coupe body style was not introduced to the Zephyr line until 1937. Lincoln produced 5,199 coupes in the 1937 model year. This vehicle is an exact duplicate to a vehicle that the donor’s father owned in 1937. It has been meticulously restored and has taken many national honors.