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The Roaring ‘20s, featuring Women Behind the Wheel!

The full color, standard-size 24" by 36" poster is a dramatic representation of the Auburn 8-77 and a beautiful representation of the women who drive.  

The poster paper is medium-weight paper with a matte finish.  Provided in a protective tube for easy transportation. 

The collectible Festival posters started in 1981 and remain highly collectible for automobile enthusiasts.





The Story

The Auburn Automobile Company experienced growing popularity in 1927. Although overall passenger car production fell industry-wide, Auburn increased shipments by 63.9 percent, for a total of 13,950 cars. The new 8-77 model was Auburn’s latest push to increase sales with an attractive low-priced eight-cylinder passenger car. In fact, it was the lowest-priced eight-cylinder car on the U. S. market in 1927. The 8-77 featured the small-eight of the Auburn lineup, with the larger 298.6 cubic inch eight-cylinder powering the 8-88 model line. Although this was a low-priced eight-cylinder vehicle, it still provided the driver with a sense of style. Equipped with a golf club bag compartment, it was the perfect car for the young affluent bachelor.



This 8-77 cabriolet sports a 225.7 cubic inch in-line eight-cylinder engine. It produces 62 horsepower at 3,200 revolutions-per-minute. With a wheelbase of 125 inches, it has a weight of 3,170 pounds. This model of cabriolet had a starting price of $1,595.


In The News

The average United States citizen income is $1,500 with the average new car being priced around $500.  Belgian priest Georges Lemaître first proposes the “hypothesis of the primeval atom,” a theory about the creation of the universe.  It is later termed the “Big Bang Theory.”


On display courtesy of Fred Pratt of Santa Maria, California.