Prohibition PBS Documentary by Ken Burns

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

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This 3-DVD documentary series is a complete explanation of America's love-hate relationship with alcohol.

This fascinating story is told by award-winning documentarian and videographer Ken Burns. When the country goes dry in 1920 by law, a decade of countrymen become lawbreakers in ways that define the period.

From whiskey-jobbers, gangsters, and bootleggers, a dark side of American life is unleashed. By the 1930s, the "Noble Experiment" has split the nation into "wet" and "dry" states and slips into the depths of a greater problem - the Great Depression.

By 1933, the 18th amendment is repealed. It is within this period of social turmoil that the production cars of the Auburn Automobile Company and Duesenberg, Inc. appear on the scene. Enjoy 360 minutes on 3 discs of Prohibition by Ken Burns.