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Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

1930 Ruxton Roadster

1930 Ruxton Roadster

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The Ruxton is an incredibly rare Classic that was a contemporary front-wheel-drive vehicle to the Cord L-29. Note the low slung look of this vehicle with its hood line barely taller than its sweeping fenders. The lack of running boards and the addition of 19-inch disc wheels add to the look. Many of the Ruxtons, such as this one, featured Woodlite headlights giving it an even more exotic appearance. Compared to the Cord, it is lower and lighter and better balanced. To achieve this balance the transmission is divided into two pieces by placing low and reverse gears in front of the differential, and second and third behind it. This example was owned by Andrew Adler of Millbury, Ohio, for more than 50 years. When he restored it, he placed the body on the Ruxton show chassis, which had never been used.



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