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Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

1916 Wescott Touring

1916 Wescott Touring

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The Westcott was built in Richmond, Indiana, from 1909 to 1916, and until 1925 in Springfield, Ohio. The Westcott was an assembled car, but well-built with a good reputation. In 1910 Westcott was building three cars per day and was six months behind in in its orders. In 1911, a Westcott was entered in the Indianapolis 500. Half-way through the race, another car crashed and its mechanic was thrown directly into the path of the Westcott. Rather than injure the mechanic, the driver of the Westcott crashed his car deliberately. The driver and the Westcott both became instant heroes. In 1913, they introduced their six-cylinder cars with Continental engines. Westcott offered three ranges of six-cylinder cars with a total of nine different body styles. After the firm’s move to Ohio, Westcott continued to be a good selling vehicle. But, by 1925 it was in receivership and became another victim of the postwar recession.



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