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1923 Stutz Speedway Four

1923 Stutz Speedway Four

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The Story: With increasing sales and profits in the years following World War I, the Stutz Motor Car Company of Indianapolis, Indiana, was in a strong position to push sales. However, by 1921, the automobile industry was in decline and Stutz needed to stimulate the demand for their automobiles. One such method was the implementation of a new four-cylinder T-head D-H engine for their 1921 automobiles. Stutz produced automobiles with both right-hand and left-hand drive.

This 1923 Stutz has a KLDH engine designation, with the “K” indicating the series of automobiles and the “L” meaning left-hand drive. In 1922, Stutz’s D-H engine featured a detachable head and dual ignition systems, both innovative features for T-head engines. They were capable of producing 88 horsepower, more than the engines in Cadillac and Packard automobiles.

The Stutz was capable of speeds up to 80 miles-per-hour. Unfortunately, low production forced Stutz to move past their four-cylinder offerings. This fully restored Stutz Speedway Four is one of only a handful known to remain. 



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