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1924 Marmon 34 C Speedster

1924 Marmon 34 C Speedster

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Marmon was one of the premier Indiana automobile manufacturers, building automobiles in Indianapolis from 1902 to 1933. The company was known for its well engineered and finely built vehicles. The Model 34 was introduced in 1916. To introduce the new model, a six-day record setting drive coast-to-coast was completed. The radiator shell, the body and most of the engine was made from aluminum. The Model 34C Four-Passenger Speedster with its narrow body, powerful engine and lightweight construction was rated as one of the fastest American production cars in 1924. There are only three remaining examples of this model. This car was purchased by the donors, noted Marmon historians, from the estate of the original owner in 1969. It is one of the most authentically restored Marmons in the world following a multi-year, painstakingly researched restoration. Technical: The 1924 Marmon 34C is powered by a six-cylinder in-line engine which produces 84 horsepower. The wheelbase measures 132 inches and weighs 3,865 pounds. The four-passenger Model 34C Speedster was priced at $3,295.



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