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1932 Cord Experimental

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

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This impressive vehicle is known as "E-1." It is a prototype for the vehicle that was to replace the Cord L-29. According to Auburn Automobile Company records, three "EXPR Cord-12" sedans were produced in August of 1932. When E. L. Cord was looking forward to his next generation of vehicles, he ordered a car to be built that was 20 inches longer than the L-29. It was originally built with a 16-cylinder engine, which was soon replaced with a prototype 12-cylinder engine of the same displacement. Unfortunately, it was not the right time economically to introduce such an ambitious vehicle, and thus, it never entered production. Technical: This 1932 Cord prototype is powered by a 491.0 cubic-inch displacement V-12 engine, producing 200 horsepower. The wheelbase measures 157 inches. The vehicle weighs in excess of 6,000 pounds.