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Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

1936 Cord 810 Beverly Sedan

1936 Cord 810 Beverly Sedan

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The 1936 Cord has been called America's most beautiful automobile. The Cord is one of the most striking and influential designs in automotive history. This wonderful design came from the brilliant mind of Gordon Buehrig, who conceived this masterpiece at the age of thirty. The Cord was recognized at the time of its introduction as being very different than any other automobile. Mr. Buehrig always said that he had designed the Cord to look right. One look at his creation reveals the fact that you ar in the presence of greatness. This Cord 810 is very special in that it belonged to Mr. Buehrig and Mrs. Buehrig rides in the car every year for the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival's Parade of Classics. Technical: The 1936 Cord 810 Beverly Sedan is powered by a 289 cubic-inch displacement Lycoming V-8 engine which produces 125 horsepower. The wheelbase measures 125 inches and the car weighs 3,740 pounds. The Cord 810 Beverly Sedan with its plush armchair seats cost $2,095 new.



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