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Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

1937 Cord 812 Beverly Sedan

1937 Cord 812 Beverly Sedan

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Production of the Cord 812 ended in August 1937. This brought to an end the 35 year existence of the Auburn Automobile Company. E.L. Cord knew this was to be his last chance to obtain a new 812 before it disappeared into automotive history. Cord requested Lucius B. Manning, president of the Cord Corporation, to obtain one of his namesakes for Cord's own use. According to Cord's grandson, this particular Cord 812 Supercharged Beverly had been returned to the factory for repair and was unsold at the time of the Connersville, Indiana, assembly line shut down. It was immediately shipped to Mr. Cord's Beverly Hills residence, Cordhaven, and used as his personal vehicle. It remained in the family until it's donation to the museum in 2007. Technical: With a supercharger, the Cord's Lycoming 288.6 cubic-inch V-8 produced an advertised 170 horsepower. Power charts by Lycoming indicated an actual range of 186 to 195 horsepower. It has a wheelbase of 125 inches and a weight of 3,927 pounds. The purchase price of $2,960 did not include delivery charges that could add another $200 to the price.



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