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1952 Crosley Super Sport

1952 Crosley Super Sport

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The Story: The 1952 Crosley marked the last hurrah for the Crosley automobile. Crosley was one of the few pre-war Indiana producers to build cars after the Second World War. This vehicle was owned new by Frank Lloyd Wright. It has been completely restored and is painted in his signature color of “Cherokee Red.”

The Crosley was the brainchild of Powel Crosley, Jr. famed producer of refrigerators and radios. The Crosley introduced in 1939 was his third and most successful attempt at building a low-cost vehicle. Sales peaked in 1948 with a record of 9,089 vehicles being sold in body styles ranging from convertible to a station wagon. By 1952, sales had dwindled to a mere 2,075 units. At this point, the company was owned by the General Tire Company and it made the decision to end automobile production.



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