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ACD Racers and Record Setters Book

ACD Racers and Record Setters Book

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Auburn Cord Duesenberg racing history book.


Perhaps the best means for an automobile company to establish superiority is to win races and set high-speed endurance records. No one pursued this concept more than the merchants of speed, E.L. Cord, and Fred and Augie Duesenberg.

Ride along with some of the era's most talented and daring drivers as Auburns, Cords, and Duesenbergs are put through their paces. From the museum's archival collection, an anthology of 120 spectacular photographs of the three marques fill the book as the crucible of competition is fought for and won.

Written by the museum's curator, Jon Bill, informative captions tell the story of the dauntless efforts of men and machines as they raise the bar of automotive engineering during the formative days of the American automobile.

120-archival photographs with text captions.

Published by Iconographix. 




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