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Automobile Quarterly

E.L. Cord: His Empire, His Motor Cars

E.L. Cord: His Empire, His Motor Cars

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Published by Automobile Quarterly, this special library edition of the biography of E.L.Cord, the legendary transportation capitalist behind the grand marques of Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg automobiles, is available in a limited edition of 2,500 books.

Written by Griffith Borgeson in 1985, the first edition of the book sold for $395.00 and was published as a special deluxe, author-signed, leatherbound gilt-page edition.

Without sacrificing content or any publication amenities this edition still features 280-full-pages containing over 500 rare illustrations, photographs, and documents including 255-color plates of Auburns, L-29, 810/812 Cords, and Duesenberg Model Js and SSJs in beautiful color.

Borgeson's narrative remains the most comprehensive of the extraordinary life of E.L. Cord and his transportation empire to date. 280 pages. Hardbound, Automobile Quarterly.



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