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Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

Limited Edition 2023 Collector Coin

Limited Edition 2023 Collector Coin

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This stunning Duesenberg was restored by C.W. "Bill" Bocock, who was an inventor and engineer. Mr. Bocock purchased his first Aburn in the 1930s while in high school. This started his life-long passion for Auburns, Cords, and Duesenbergs, which he and his wife, Martha, collected exclusively. This vehicle was the pride and joy of Bill and Martha. After restoring this car, the couple exhibited and toured it for more than thirty years. "It always stood out at shows like a jewel," said Mrs. Bocock. 

We made this favorite STAND OUT LIKE A JEWEL!

Side A highlights the beautiful Duesenberg Model J with a custom glitter back. Side B shares the iconic ACDAM logo and the front of the Model J, also with the custom glitter.

All of our coins are stamped of military brass and are hand painted and individually numbered, have a certificate of authenticity, are encased in a plastic capsule, and come with a velvet bag to match the car.  

*If you are ordering the same number as in previous years, please indicate your number in the notes section of your order. 




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